Business Management Trainer and Coach
Specialties:  Sales Growth, Marketing, Shop Management, Networking, Social Selling, Finance, Business Development, Customer Service, Leadership, Team Building, Retention, Advertising, Work/Life Balance


I began my public speaking career in 1987 with a workshop entitled Starting A Successful Business. An instant success, I would go on to give that workshop in 152 other cities and would go on to write and teach many more during the next four years, including Marketing for Success, Developing a Winning Business Plan and Money for Business.

In 1991, Okanagan College in B.C. reached out to see if I’d be interested in teaching some course in their Automotive Management program. Three years later a large Canadian parts company approached me about launching their management-training program, and before long, I was being approached by more and more companies, organizations and associations asking me to hold workshops and seminars, and speak at their conferences.

Along the way to becoming one of North America’s top automotive industry trainers, I became an Automotive Management Institute (AMI) Approved Instructor. I’ve also taught more than 2,500 workshops, attended by tens of thousands of business owners and their employee, and my guest column – Management S.O.S. – has become a popular part of Canadian Technician magazine.
Known by thousands of shop owners across North America as “the enter-trainer”, my passion for the automotive industry is what has helped me achieve the success I have.

Whether the workshop is 4-hours or 4-days, it’s my passion that keeps my audience engaged and focused.  It’s hard to learn when you’re not engaged, so my goal is to make sure people are having fun, because I know if they are, they’re going to learn a lot more. And when the workshop is over, they’re going to be inspired and motivated, which means they’re going to follow through on what I’ve shared with them, which means they’re going to get results. And that’s what I’m here for – to help people get results.

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